All Female A Cappella
Singing in Harmony since 2005

Who are the ACABellas?

 We are the ACABellas, a group of talented ladies attending Central Connecticut State University. Brought together by a deep love of music, the Bellas aim to share their passion across campus and within our community while forming lasting bonds of friendship.

The ACABellas, part of the Central Connecticut A cappella Society, are a student run organization and our concerts are always filled with original arrangements featuring the lovely ladies within the group! Ranging from contemporary pop music to Disney classics, classical choral music to radio favorites, the ACABellas strive to entertain our audiences with a wide variety of repertoire for everyone to love!

Close knit and friendly, all Bellas learn the importance of family and friendship through making beautiful music with our ACAfamily!

Our History

The ACABellas were founded in 2005 by Megan LaPorta, in conjunction with Divisi, an all-male a cappella group created by Marques Ruff. Together, these two ensembles formed the Central Connecticut A Cappella Society. Since 2005, the society has grown to include two more a cappella groups, first with a co-ed group, The Right Frequency (which has since disbanded), followed by the all-female ensemble, TGFI (Too Good For Instruments). The CCAS added Fermata The Blue, an all-male group, in the fall of 2012 and Chromachord, a co-ed group, in 2016.

Since their founding, the ACABellas have developed both in membership and style. Our members have changed, our repertoire may be different, but our passion for music always remains the same.

For frequent updates from the ACABellas...

As the ACABellas are a collegiate acapella group, the majority of our fan base is our peers. As such, social media, especially Facebook, is vital in keeping our fans up-to-date on everything ACABellas. Please feel free to check out our Facebook page by clicking here, or to "Like" us below. 



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